10 years of cricket spot-fixing scandal,Three Cricketers .

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In the two-day game, these three nine balls seemed to be part of the routine of the game, but who knew that the fabric of these three nine balls had already been woven.

On August 26, 2010, exactly ten years ago today, the fourth and final Test of the Test series between Pakistan and England began at Lord’s.

Three 'nine balls' that deceived the world.Which proved to be the prelude to a big storm.Captain Salman Butt won the toss and 

invited England to bat but due to bad weather only 12.3 overs could be played.When Muhammad Aamir came to bowl the third over of 

England's innings.Alastair Cook was batting in front of him. On the first ballof the over.Mohammad Amir's foot crosses the line at  

which umpire Billy Bowden points to nine balls.The tenth over of the innings is bowled by Mohammad Asif. In front of him is 

captain Andrew Strauss. On the sixth ball of this over, umpire Tony Hill indicates nine balls.On August 27, 2010, on the second 

day of the fourth Test match, England's batting line-up seems to be struggling with the bowling of Mohammad Amir.Aamir manages to 

take four wickets without scoring a run off just thirteen balls. Which time he also becomes the youngest bowler in the world to 

complete fifty wickets in Test cricket.Mohammad Aamir short pitches the third ball of his third over of the day to Jonathan Trott 

during his superb bowling performance.Umpire Billy Bowden has no problem giving him nine balls as Aamir foot is far from the 

crease. Even Michael Holding and E. N. Botham, who commentary on Sky TV, are surprised.Watham's voice is heard 

saying, It looks like bowling it.

Pakistan and England began at Lord’s.

Wajid Shamsul Hassan says that while living in the UK. According to the laws there, his position was absolutely correct that these cricketers are innocent until the allegations are proved and on the basis of this point he defended these cricketers at that time but At the same time.He had made it clear that if the allegations against these cricketers were proved.He would ask his own government to give the harshest punishments to these cricketers.

Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir faced the ICC Anti-Corruption Tribunal as well as a London court.

The ICC anti-corruption tribunal imposed a 10-year ban on Salman Butt, including a five-year suspension. Mohammad Asif was 

banned for seven years, with two years of suspension. While Mohammad Amir faced a five-year ban.

Muhammad Asif and Salman Butt had filed an appeal in the International Sports Arbitration Court against the ICC's decision to 

impose sanctions. Which was rejected.The spot-fixing scandal caused the most damage to 18-year-old Mohammad Amir, who has been

bowling brilliantly this season.
Former captain Rameez Raja was commenting in the Lord's Test and at first he also knew it was a harmless nine ball but when he was 

told by BBC commentators that News of the World was about to bring a scandal in this regard.So they found out the truth.Rameez

Raja says the incident cut off his nose, brought him into disrepute and changed peoples attitudes.At first, when they entered the 

ground. It was called Hello Good Morning. Then people started turning away.Mohammad Aamir returned to international cricket after 

a five-year ban. Despite playing first-class cricket on Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif, the doors of international cricket could 

not open.

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