Customs on luggage of passengers coming to Saudi Arabia?

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The Department of Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority has informed the passengers coming to the country to inform the Customs Department about their valuables in accordance with the common laws of the Gulf countries.

Web News 'Ajil' further quotes the customs department as saying that according to the common customs rules of the Gulf countries, passengers coming to the country are required to bring with them items worth more than 3,000 riyals.

Inform the Customs Department. Items worth more than 3,000 riyals will be subject to customs duties in accordance with the law. The statement added that passengers should register their luggage in the form provided on the customs app or website. 

On the other hand, the Travelers Authority, while informing the passengers coming and going to the country about the rules, said that it is mandatory for the passengers to pay 60,000 riyals in cash or its equivalent in other currencies or precious metals which they have in customs. Also inform the Customs Department about yes.

Same Process Second Time Repeating Then

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In addition, passengers who bring with them items that are subject to customs rules should also inform the authorities about these items.

The authority further said that passengers who do not inform the customs about their luggage will be fined 25 per cent of the total value of the goods exported. 

If the same process is repeated a second time, a fine of 50% will be levied. If the passenger is suspected of being involved in money laundering, all his belongings will be confiscated and the case will be sent to the prosecution. 

The Customs Department has posted details on its website for a full understanding of the rules that can be used.

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