Ertugrul’s hero Engin Altan arrives in Pakistan

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Ever since Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan advised his nation to watch the Turkish drama Darlees Ertugrul.

The drama has grown in popularity to such an extent that it is now possibly more popular in Pakistan than Turkey.

The actors of the play, Isra Bulgich and Egan Alten, were not only interviewed in Akstan.

But famous brands also joined them to promote their products.

And it is not known if people bought these products later.

But the number of viewers on YouTube videos of these campaigns shows how popular these actors are in Pakistan.

Ertugrul's hero Engin Altan arrives in Pakistan

Engin Altan arrives in Pakistan

Yesterday, Ertugrul's protagonist, Engin Altan, paid a one-day visit to Lahore, Pakistan.

Where he visited the Badshahi Mosque, visited the shrine of Allama Iqbal, and addressed a press conference.

Angin Altan visit to Pakistan was reported by the Pakistani Embassy in Ankara.

Engin Altan arrives Pakistan.

The embassy posted pictures of Angin with his hosts in Lahore.

Talks and memes exchanged on social media continued all day yesterday and so far people are commenting on this.

During his press conference.

Engin Altan said in response to a question from a journalist that he does not know much Urdu but Lahore Lahore A.
When asked how Engen Alten Dzitan, who played the lead role in the popular Turkish drama series Darius Ertugrul.  

Ertugrul Ghazi, changed his personality or character.

He compared the present to the present.

He complained that today's people are very artificial.

Engin Altan Interview

While making Ertugrul, I came to know that the people of that time were very simple, pure hearted and innocent. 

After learning about the people of that time, I found out that they were very sincere and had good ideas.

Modern-day human beings are not as innocent and truthful as they are, but highly artificial.

I want to see innocence, sincerity and truth in people today, but unfortunately such people do not appear.

In an interview dubbed in Urdu with the host Furqan Hameed on the state broadcaster Pakistan Television Channel PTV 


Engin Altan Dzitan spoke about his life, the shooting of Ertugrul and around the world.

Talked about the positive response to the show.

He said that he has been hearing about the friendship between Pakistan and Turkey since childhood and the expression of such love by the brotherly country made him very emotional.

Engin Altan arrives in Pakistan and Visit Lahore Pakistan

According to him, he is a fan of Pakistan. Anyway and if he was offered a film or a role in the Pakistani film industry and it was his choice.

He would definitely want to come to Pakistan and work.

When asked which of his favorite dramas he would like to watch again and again.

Engin Altan Dzitan said that he does not watch any drama or film over and over again and when a project is over, he will re-watch it.

Don't look and like to think about new projects.

But let me tell you, when a project is over and you forget it and then suddenly that project comes in front of you. You really enjoy watching your acting.

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