New Zealand sir! Before you talk so hard, think twice.

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Sami Chaudhry’s column: In the old days, the Pakistan cricket team’s trips abroad were often tumultuous. Sometimes cricketers would be caught with drugs and sometimes dancing in a club would be safe in the eye of the camera. Occasionally the movement of girls into hotel rooms was discussed when the national team lost the series.

After all that had happened, there was a lot of fuss, from the burning of the players to the noise of dismissals of captains and selectors.

Was But then over time, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) became wiser. The cricketers also became somewhat cautious and the time came when apart from the match statistics. There was a chance to get some sensational news. New Zealand sir! Before you talk so hard, think twice.

The PCB is currently in the throes of a tragedy, especially the PCB is not to blame.

During Corona, if players travel on public flights like this, the epidemic will stick, but can it really be called the 

incompetence of the PCB management?

Sami Chaudhry’s column

Whatever else Shoaib Akhtar said in his scathing video speech.

It is worth noting that if the PCB manages to arrange a chartered flight to protect the players from the dangers of 
public flights and connecting flights. Could
But the question is, is it possible for any business company under the influence of Corona to take such an expensive 

We know that a few months ago, such extreme measures were taken for the visit to England, which kept the visit safe 
from unwanted news.

But it is not clear what the terms of the visit were between the PCB and the English Cricket Board.

We get a glimpse of this in the form of the announcement of England's visit to Pakistan. But was the Kiwi Cricket Board also willing to give such a concession to Pakistan?

In the broader context, this is unlikely. The Kiwi Cricket Board itself is not large enough to compete with the English Cricket Board and its concessions.

At the moment The Kiwi Cricket Board is just filling up its new broadcast deal, which came to an end under the Corona.

Sami Chaudhry’s column New Zealand sir!

While it is clear that the Kiwi Cricket Board is going to make a lot of money from this tour, in these circumstances we should see if the Kiwi Cricket Board should have taken such a step as threatening to end the tour.

However, the fact is that in this most difficult time, only the touring squads are carrying the burden of mutual deals between the cricket boards.

These players and backroom staff have been volunteering to confine themselves to their rooms for weeks, making it possible for the cricketing economy to continue.

In such a case, using such extreme language for a touring party is also against diplomatic tradition.

However, it is commendable that no official of the Kiwi Cricket Board has spoken about it. It was Wasim Khan who conveyed this to the national team.

It is also worth noting that if Wasim Khan had sent such a strong message to any WhatsApp group of the team.

It was flashing in the tickers of selected channels.

Names of the Corona positive players revealed by the Kiwi Cricket Board. The informants created a sensation and heated the rating market.

With so many sympathizers in its ranks, the PCB should have adopted better and safer ways of communicating in such sensitive diplomatic matters.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)

However, the purpose of sports is to unite people, to bring together different nationalities and diverse ideas for a common goal, and such visits between political rival countries always serve as a diplomatic bridge. So if the Kiwi Minister of Health were so concerned about his country’s Corona situation, he should at least have advised his board. Players should be accommodated in a completely separate hotel and not in a hotel where It is possible for them to interact with ordinary people.

Where and how the corona happened to the players, this discussion is useless. In such an epidemic situation, when the two cricket boards will only care about mutual agreements and avoid taking any concrete and ‘expensive’ steps to control the epidemic, Corona will be out of nowhere.

If a cricketer’s mask was under his nose while making a video on a plane, then it is not surprising that he should not be deprived of his national temperament. He is also a human being like you and has grown up in these qualities. Which are overall national trends.

The Kiwi Cricket Board is not in a position at the moment to even consider canceling the tour. But both cricket boards are in dire need of reviewing their security measures. Simply blaming the players is an exaggeration.

Like Shoaib Akhtar, we can’t even think of making a retaliatory threat to ‘New Zealand Sahib’, but we must be sorry to say that ‘New Zealand Sahib! You would have thought a little before you spoke so harshly.

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