The star of Pakistan and Babar Azam’s is bright

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Pakistan wanted to save time. Zimbabwe wanted to postpone the hour that would have marked 

the end of the defeated tour. The battle of this hour was fought by both of them on their


In any case, Pakistan won, but the Zimbabwean team made up for their shortcomings this 

month, at least the match lasted for the fourth day. Although the game of the fourth day

ended in twenty minutes, the date of defeat was different anyway.

Instead, it is not a satisfying thing in itself. Because if the evening sun had stayed on

the horizon for a while and the shadows had not been so long, Babar Azam's dressing room 

would not have had to spend another night waiting for victory. The opportunity to return 

for Eid with the trophy would have been given a day earlier.

Pakistan vs Zimbabwe: Babar Azam star is bright and so is Pakistan

Pakistani Cricket Team Winner
Although it is difficult to say whether the Zimbabwean batting was weaker than Pakistan's 

or the Pakistani bowler Blessing turned out to be better than the friends of Mazarbani, 

the aspirations of the parties are the same in this defeat package.

Before this big innings of Abid Ali, the morale of Taylor's bowlers was low.

The defensive approach of the Zimbabwean batsmen in the first innings was so extreme that 

it was as if they would drag the same innings till the fourth day. But when Hassan Ali's 

sharp line and diversity became a headache for him, the whole innings went awry. Whatever 

the batting line, she would have scored at least 200 runs in reply to 510. But Taylor's 

team could not add even one hundred and fifty runs.

If there was any other team, instead of following Babar Azam, he might have thought of 

adding some lightning speed of one hundred, one hundred and fifty runs to his lead and 

would also think of a cure for the fatigue of his bowlers. But Zimbabwe's batting line was 

so full of fear of Pakistani bowlers' courage and skill that Babar decided to finish the 

story in one go.

Yesterday's second Zimbabwean innings after the second T20 was the second time the team 

was seen counter-attacking properly. Noman Ali was targeted and Noman also fully accepted 

the fight. He threw the ball at the expected line of Zimbabwean batsmen and also gave them 

a chance to collect boundaries. But at the same time, he also threw a couple of variable 

balls in which all came one after the other. From the other end, Shaheen Shah Afridi came 

in such a rhythm that after 28 years in the history of Test cricket, three bowlers of the 

same team took five wickets each.

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